Al Stefanelli


Al Stefanelli has spent better than forty years in the tech, finance, legal, hospitality, and media industries. He has headed the helm of several companies, including a few of his own. He holds three college degrees including a PhD, as well as multiple certifications in the technical and hospitality fields. Al is responsible for all technical aspects of CONMEDEC and its various business concerns, as well as day to day operations.  We’re fortunate to have him as part of our organization.

Jeff Pflueger


After 46 years of experience working throughout the Americas in all aspects of Agriculture, Jeff concluded that there was a strong need to develop vertically integrated models for “sustainable solutions in tropical climates” for agriculture.

Jeff’s vision for CONMEDEC is driven by his commitment to organic farming techniques that can survive the logistical challenges of today’s farmers while protecting the environmental integrity, biodiversity, and cultures of these regions.

In 1966 Jeff began his career in agriculture with a position at Safeway Food Stores in Dallas, Texas, while attending high school. Two years later he moved over to Alpha Beta Food Stores, also in Dallas. He opened their first three stores. A few years later in 1971 he moved over to the bakery division of Lucky Food Stores.

In 1973, Jeff branched out on his own and founded, developed and operated Village Greenhouse in Chico, California. He continued with the success of Village Geenhouse until 1976, when he founded EE, Inc., doing business as Tropicana West, also out of Chico, and specialized in horticultural products until 1990.

In 1985 Jeff branched out with Tropicana West to produce Asian Pears, Fuji Apples, and Fuyu Persimmons by planting orchards, and becoming an exclusive grower/packer/shipper. Three years later Tropicana West expanded to the east coast of the United States and added general tree fruit and other items to the production. Through brokers, Tropicana West began supplying supermarket chains. Over the next several years, Tropicana West opened field offices in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and Fresno, California.

By 1991, Jeff had incorporated Tropicana West in Chile, to consult national and international fruit companies and their growers as their packer to US Markets, as well as exporting under the Tropicana West label.

Further expansion of Tropicana West came in 1992 with the export of fruit from Costa Rica, then in 1997 with the incorporation of Tropicana West in Sao Paolo, Brazil, for the export of fruit to the United States, and again in 1998 with exports to Taiwan and China. In 2003, Jeff liquidated Tropicana West to pursue other endeavors.

In 2016, Jeff relocated to the Republic of Panama, where he founded and incorporated CONMEDEC, S.A.


  • Primary schools worldwide in Japan, Guam, and California, culminating with the prestigious Myan School in Guatemala City. Member of the first graduating class.
  • Middle and High School education in California and Texas.
  • Pre-Law & Political Science, with a minor in business at California State University at Chico.
  • Pear, Apple, & Tree Fruit Production at University of California at Davis

Buna Perez


Buna Naguidili Perez Smith attended the Instituto Superior J.D, in Santiago de Veragus, an institution that specializes in training future educators.

She relocated to Panama City, enrolled in the National University of Panama and received a Bachelors Degree in Education Sciences with a focus on teaching grammar school education in English and Spanish, and Special Needs Education.

Buna spent six years in management at the Hard Rock Hotel in Panama City, where she was in charge of the selection and training of new hires.

Buna worked more than six years in human resource development at the Hard Rock Hotel Panama City. she directed the training of new hires developing multiple skills.

In January 2019 she joined the team at CONMEDEC, SA to take the helm as managing director and president bringing her talent to bear.